Outdoor Leadership Certification

Skills for professionals to take groups into the outdoors with knowledge and confidence



Meeting Place:

Online - Zoom


2-3 days
16 hours


Oct - Feb 2020



Field Leader Certification

This 2 day Outdoor Council of Canada  Field Leader Certification is designed to help professionals take groups into entry level wilderness with a greater knowledge base for decision making, risk management and purpose. This is a great tool for teachers, coaches and individuals to safely explore and lead others in the outdoors. Included in this online program:

  1. A digital copy of the OCC Field Leader Manual and Certification
  2. Skills to develop and plan outdoor day trips that you are leading
  3. A risk matrix for various activities
  4. A discussion on managing group dynamics
  5. Last minute checklists
  6. Generating greater situational awareness in your planning and outing
  7. Leadership motivation activity
  8. Understanding how to best support your group with your chosen activity
  9. Ongoing mentoring

Scenarios can include: Taking a school group to the park or local forest, developing route plans for kids vs adults, learning how the outdoors can enhance a teaching, understanding what it takes to take a group outdoors from planning to execution to learning and fun!

You may find more information on the OCC Field Leader Certificate here

This Field Leader Certification is the entry level 2 day course. We also offer OCC courses on Overnight, Navigation, Paddling and Winter Activities. For more information and upcoming dates please inquire via email to info@wildrootjourneys.com


As a teacher I know the value of taking my students into the outdoors. The abundance of what nature can teach them and me, and how students connect with these experiences makes it easy to gear my classroom regularly to the outdoors. Having a framework and gaining knowledge on how to lead outdoor activities has helped build my confidence in taking my students all over. This is an awesome Professional Development option and suiting for today's classrooms.

- Kate McInnes

What is Included

  • OCC Certified Instructor
  • OCC Field Leader Manual
  • 16 hours of interactive online learning
  • Outdoor Event Planning Checklists
  • Ongoing mentoring

What to Bring

  • Notebook and Pen
  • Colorful Markers
  • Computer and Internet Access
  • Zoom Conference Access

Please contact us with any further questions at info@wildrootjourneys.com

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