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3 weeks ago
Wild Root Journeys - British Columbia Kayaking - Recharge & Reconnect

Well this is exciting.... check out my NEW website... Spread the word. I am in full operation for the summer. Book online or by phone!!! Much Love! www.wildrootjourneys.com

Wild Root Journeys offers day and multi-day sea kayak trips along British Columbia's vast coastline. We offer guides with experience and heart.

1 month ago
Move over blueberries — wild B.C. shrub produces contender for world's healthiest berry

Our local Salalberry is a greater super food than Blueberries. Look out everyone, I will be experimenting with these this summer on trip!

Scientist who studied health components of salal berry initially didn't realize they were a traditional First Nations' food.

1 month ago

Among nature we can truly be in the present as there is nothing more to seek out. The beauty is simply too captivating.
#hereweare #openskies #feelingfree #rechargeyourself #wildrootjourneys

2 months ago
Kayak the Broken Group Islands with Wild Root Journeys!

Hey friends here are my Broken Group Islands dates and trip info. Pass this on to anyone you feel would enjoy this time in nature! A link you can use is:

* Also comment on this so it circulates around!

Much love

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