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Please read through our terms and conditions found at the bottom of the page before booking. This includes our cancellation policy.

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Booking Information

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Wild Root Journeys Terms and Conditions

  • Wild Root Journeys guides have the right to remove persons from any trip if they are compromising the safety of themselves or the group. At any point, before or during a trip the guide has the authority to remove persons via water taxi or other means, at their cost. This is very rare and would likely be, but not limited to a guest repetitively compromising the safety of themselves, other guests, the guides or wildlife. This may also be injury related. We highly recommend guests buy travel insurance, bring duplicates or more of important pharmaceuticals and to discuss concerns before booking. 
  • Day Journeys require full payment at the time of booking. A full refund requires 24-hour notice via email, contact with Wild Root Journeys employee via phone or in person or by leaving a voice mail. We have the right to hold payment if the cancellation has been unclear. Credits may be given within 24 hours due to certain circumstances.
  • Multi Day Journeys require a $200.00 deposit per person at the time of booking. Full payment is required 20 days prior to the tour departure date. Credits may be issued in the case of illness. Deposit is non-refundable but may be used as credit.
  • We recommend purchasing travel medical insurance trip cancellation for your trip. Check with your local travel agent about travel insurance before booking.

We appreciate your understanding. Please contact us about any concerns before booking.

Wild Root Journeys

We are certified guides through the Sea Kayak Guide Alliance of BC, with ongoing first aid and skills training to assure our clients experience a safe, responsible and smooth journey.


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