An overview of the various sea kayaking clinics we offer

Basic Clinic

This 3-hour beginner kayak lesson gives you an overview of basic knowledge and practical skills for sea kayaking. This includes becoming familiar with equipment, understanding and practicing rescues, learning basic paddle strokes, making weather observations and more.

Location: North Vancouver
Time: 3 hours
Price: $105

Prep Clinic

This 6-hour intermediate lesson is best advised for already experienced paddlers who wish to gain knowledge in becoming a more independent paddler. This includes learning how to use a chart and compass, how to interpret weather forecasts, tides and currents and more.

Location: North Vancouver
Time: 6 hours
Price: $165

Outdoor Leadership Cert

This 2 day certification is designed to help professionals take groups into entry level wilderness with a greater knowledge base for decision making, risk management and purpose. This is a great tool for teachers, coaches and individuals to safely explore and lead others in the outdoors.

Location: Online
Time: 16 hours
Price: $120

Wild Root Journeys

Wild Root Journeys